Books I wrote:

Behold, my very first ebook, on cruise travel, one of my favorite activities.  Your Very  First Cruise –  This book was born from my love of cruising, because I noticed so many people who have chosen to cruise for the first time have no understanding of the trip they are about to embark on.  The shame of that is that they are likely to miss out on so much, and if they only knew in advance, they’d be prepared and enjoy their cruise so much more!

My second cruise book has been published just recently:  How to Get the Most out of Your Cruise Vacation. This is a considerably expanded discussion of cruises and cruising.  These books are so much fun to write!

Gastric Bypass Surgery:  What You Need to Know – My own personal adventure story in ebook form.  It also is born of considerable personal experience.  I wrote it to support many people who have been looked down upon because they took this positive step to support their health and to achieve a normal weight.

And for those who know how to set up a blog and have had one for a while….and wonder “what’s next?”  There’s

Blogging 201 – Just Beyond the Basics.

My latest book is one I am particularly proud of:  Making a Great Living with Fulfillment by Amazon:  Specific Answers to 30 Questions Every Newbie Asks.

This book details my newbie experience as a Seller on Fulfillment by Amazon.  I hope you will check it out!

Books I have edited and assisted in publication:

Mortgage Rip-Offs: Learn the Secret to Saving Thousands Before You Apply  This is the book you need if you ever wondered what all those papers were you signed when you closed on your house!  But even if you aren’t buying a house now, this is valuable information to know, and to keep you from paying too much in the future.  This book is written by Pat Mazor, a former Loan Officer, and he really knows his stuff.  Patrick and I worked together on this book.  He wrote; I edited and published, and soon we will produce the book in physical form, through Amazon’s Create Space.

It is never necessary to actually own a Kindle to read an ebook.  Amazon provides – for free – an ebook reader that will work on any computer, whether PC or Mac.

And……I’m happy to announce – there’s more to come!

You will find all these books readily available for download on